Research tailored to dynamic environment and digital engagement.

MARKET INSTINCT has launched RESEARCH ONLINE – a platform for conducting research directly with consumers of FMCG products on behalf of brand managers, marketers and business owners.

Online surveys are the most affordable way to research product perceptions and improve the odds of your product being exactly what consumers want.

Click below to get started – it is quick, easy and will get you one step closer to those all-important consumer insights:

The Surveys

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are user-friendly and quick & easy to complete

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they provide relevant data cost-effectively

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the target group is precisely defined and prequalified

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there are no geographical limits

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they deliver objective results

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the content and format are easily customised and adapted

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the data can be speedily mined to provide direction and make decisions


All businesses need to base their strategic decisions on research. However, it is even more imperative for entrepreneurs and smaller companies with limited financial resources, as for them making decisions without research-based data can be disastrous.

So when you have a few quick questions to ask the consumer, this is the perfect platform.

Examples of the types of research problems that are perfectly suited to online research are:

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A new product concept e.g. do consumers like the idea of a flavoured beer, would they pay more for the product?

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Would a change to the packaging alter the consumer’s perception of the product?

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Is the new tagline understood by the consumer and does it effectively convey the brand message?

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A new product has been developed, and client would like to know where in-store consumers are likely to look for the product?



We use either a list of respondents or contacts that are POPI compliant provided by you, or we use our opted-in database of consumers. The opted-in consumers are carefully screened to ensure that only qualifying respondents participate in the survey.

If respondents qualify and they answer the full questionnaire, they will receive a cash incentive for their participation.


Concept testing is validating your product concept with your target market prior to launch. There are various steps which you can follow to do this, but the main objective of concept testing is to trial a product, in order to see if it is worth continuing to further develop the idea.

Concept testing is one tool that can help increase the odds of success. This approach to market research helps business leaders make smarter decisions about their product portfolios by gathering market feedback early on in the development process.

Concept testing will inform you on all the things that are good and liked about the product and will inform you on the things that are disliked and need extra work. In addition, target groups that concept testing is done on give direct feedback on how product ideas can be made better and more suitable for the target audience.