All Custard Brands Are The Same

Bowl of Custard

At Market Instinct, we take pride in offering insightful market research and product testing that bring our clients valuable insights. Over the festive season, our team of experts surveyed consumers to get an inside look at their food preferences during the holidays. The survey yielded several insights, including some interesting information about custards. 

Who Was Surveyed?

We conducted a dipstick survey with 30 female respondents. The respondents had to blind-taste three different brands of custard and were asked specific questions thereafter. Surveying respondents in LSM 5–8, our hypothesis was that all custards would taste the same and receive the same feedback. 

We anticipated that the taste delivery and opinions of the three brands would be similar across the board. However, that was not the result. 

How Do Consumers Eat Custard?

When surveying our respondents, we were interested in finding out how they enjoyed their custard. We discovered that most people enjoy custard as an extra or a topping on desserts and equally enjoy custard as a standalone sweet treat. 

What Do Consumers Look For In A Good Custard?

After the blind tasting, we asked the respondents to speak about each custard and choose their favourite. When considering each brand, a common thread emerged: Most consumers want their custard to offer a perfect balance of creaminess and sweetness. A thick, decadent custard is preferred over custard with a thinner consistency.

What Are The Favourite Custard Brands?

Our respondents reported Ultramel to be the clear favourite when it comes to custard. Their desire for a great creamy-sweet balance was met, and the consistency was met with approval. Parmalat and Clover, while perfectly edible, were reported to be too runny and not as balanced as consumers would like. 

What Does This Information Mean?

We hypothesised that all custards are created equal. What we learned is that consumers have high expectations of their custard and that all custard brands are not the same. Manufacturers can use this information to improve their recipes and better meet their customers’ needs, potentially nabbing the top spot for South Africans’ favourite custard. 

Market Instinct strives to deliver valuable, targeted insights through people-centered market research. We specialise in connecting our clients (mainly in the FMCG sector) with their consumers. To find out more about our market research and product testing, talk to one of our expert team members. 

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