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Through people-centered research and surveys, we connect our clients with their consumers by helping them gain valuable insights. Recently, we asked consumers to participate in a market research survey about body lotions. Our aim was to better understand what factors consumers consider important when purchasing lotions and what goes into making a body lotion a favourite choice.

Who Participated In The Surveys?

We conducted surveys with a dipstick sample of 30 female respondents. The respondents fall under LSM 5–8 and were asked to assess three body lotions and decide which one performed best. We aimed to determine the main drivers of purchase when it comes to body lotion to gain a better understanding of what makes a body lotion a top choice for consumers.

What Factors Were Considered In The Survey?

To understand consumer preferences, we tested specific measures during our research. The test measures included an initial scent valuation in which respondents participated in a blind sniff test before applying the lotion. Next, the lotion was applied and evaluated for skin feel and moisturisation.

Which Body Lotions Were Tested?

Looking at the rates of sale in Shoprite, we understood that Dawn Cocoa Butter was the best-selling body lotion. Our market research compared Vaseline Cocoa Butter and Clere Cocoa Butter to the current front-runner, Dawn, to understand what makes it a consumer favourite.

What Do The Results Of The Survey Tell Us?

However, Clere soon became the frontrunner, distinguishing itself from its competitors with its ability to moisturise the skin. Its thicker consistency implied a better-quality, more moisturising product, according to respondents. 

The final results thus suggest that consumers purchase body lotion for its fragrance, but the ability to moisturise the skin is what truly drives preference. In addition, the assumption that the best-selling or most popular product is usually the best quality was proven wrong in this test. At Market Instinct, our goal is to help our clients in the FMCG sector understand and connect with their target market. Our market research, product testing and surveys deliver actionable, result-driven insights that help our clients make smarter decisions for their products and marketing strategies. To find out more about what Market Instinct can do for you, get in touch with our friendly team today. 

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